RPA Case studies

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Creating time for your business is our business, so
have a look at our pretty damn quick robots that
never hate their tedious jobs.

The following software robots are built using
Robotic Process Automation on the UiPath platform.

Our robots are saving over 3,000 hours every month.


Revenue Recognition Journal Posting Automation for RingCentral


UiPath robot that handles the onboarding process for the HR department from First Bank.


Gloria is a software robot that identifies differences in inter-company invoicing process.


Pișcot is a software robot that every day is processing dozens of orders that it’s getting from the supermarkets. Pișcot adds all the orders in the ERP software, sends the cookies to production and sets the delivery date of the products.


Arya is a software robot that helps the HR team from Provident with the on-boarding and ex-boarding process.


Alex is a software robot that every month is adding thousands of invoices from CSV files in the accounting software.


Jorah helps the accounting department in Provident


Kevin is the accounting software robot from BestValue


Vintilă reconciles the payments in advance with their corresponding invoices for UNTRR


Rosy is a software robot that every week is downloading performance reports from the Google Ads accounts in excel file and creates new sheets with advice on what the specialists should optimize in campaigns.


Pișcot is a software robot built on UiPath, member of the accounting department of AnaPan. Pișcot helps the company with 2 way matching and invoicing.


Alex is a software robot that every month is operating thousands of lines from bank statements and adding them in the accounting software.


Rosy is a software robot that every month is downloading the invoices from Google Ads accounts, creating invoices using an invoicing platform and email the clients with these two attachaments.


Lazăr is a software robot that every day is getting orders for objects to be personalised with a laser cutter cutting machine. Lazăr takes the orders via email, arrange the picture on the object using a dedicated software.


Richard is the first software robot in the world that works as a member of a jury.


Clara is a software robot that helps the marketing department from GMC


Corry: a software robot that coordinates the printers from 3 different warehouses.


Rudolph is a software robot that reads emails, understands the ERP, checks product availability, operates in the ERP, and send reports for AraToys.


HR Software Robot for Total Soft


Provident Hyperautomation saving over 10,000 work hours every year